History of the International Christine Club

The International Christine Club is a unique club with dedicated fans of the film, novel and nostalgia from all over the world and prides itself on being and international, democratic and welcoming site for fans of all aspects of Stephen King's masterpiece "Christine," John Carpenter's movie, based on the book, and the 1958 Plymouth Fury so overwhelmingly pivotal to our obsession.

A handful of long time Christine fans banded together to form the club in 2008 after meeting on a Plymouth Forum, after some hard work they managed to grow the club to where it is today.

The International Christine Club prides itself on welcoming fans of Christine, be it the book, movie or the car featured therein. We're glad you stopped by and look forward to meeting you soon! Our club has 100's of  paid members who regularly visit the forum.

Our free forum (link above) is full of information on the film as well as being a great tool for budding restorers looking to create there own Christine clone and a great place to meet new friends.

Paid members will have access to more sections and in depth technical advice and photos and unique Christine as well has helping the club grow and prosper. 

The best Christine club, is International.



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